Application - Joint - HEARTofWAR 35/30 WP, Divineweapon 33/27 WP [Recruited]

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Application - Joint - HEARTofWAR 35/30 WP, Divineweapon 33/27 WP [Recruited]

Post  guest on Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:22 am

In-game name:
Heartofwar; Divineweapon (Brother)

Toon rank and renown:
R35 / RR30 ; R33 / RR27 Warrior Priests

State your goal/focus in WAR:
Mainly RVR/ORVR, with a small amount of Endgame PvE also..

Reference on past gaming:
We both have been playing MMORPGS for over 12 years OU, Lineage, WOW, WAR (and about 5-6 F2P RPG's),

Why Clandestine:
We are both looking for an Active guild with the similar key goals/experience & skill level of us, And after playing/seeing alot of you on our ways up to T4 in scenarios/RVR.. we beleive we would fit right in.

WAR Experience:
We both have been playing WAR since Preview Weekend (pre Open Beta), been following WAR for 2 years prior to releasing also. We joined Downside on Darklands (were #1 Destruction at the time) when live started and we both have Rank 30+ toons on there (Marauder/DoK), overall as a guild we re-rolled IronClaw about 4 weeks ago as the lack of skill from the otther Destro guilds on Darklands. Sadly about 12-14 days ago.... GM/Officers pretty much ditched the guild... not saying a word for about a week later.... All active players on Downside left and have gone there own seperate ways...


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Re: Application - Joint - HEARTofWAR 35/30 WP, Divineweapon 33/27 WP [Recruited]

Post  Warpik on Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:35 am

Good day,

After evaluating, you seem like a promising duo and we have agreed to have you on Clandestine. Kindly pm myself or Aphraxad tonight for invitation.

Welcome aboard.


Ironbreaker Warpik
KOTBS Farebanks

GM of Clandestine


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