Application - Choez [Cancelled]

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Application - Choez [Cancelled]

Post  Choez on Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:08 am

IGN: Choez Chjunoez

Career: Engineer

Rank and Renown: 40/31

Your goal and focus on WAR: Pve Gear Progression & Renown Ranks. I want to be 1 of the top engineers in Ironclaw someday and I hope to find a guild which can help me achieve it.

Past Gaming Reference: I had been playing on Guild Wars for about 1.5 years. Pretty much completed PvE aspect and moved on to some hardcore PvP. With Guild Wars, teamwork and coordination is very much important and I believe I am a skilled player. For about 2months, I joined a hardcore "gold-farming" guild where we did some high lvl pvp just for the loots. Naturally, we had to win and that short period really bought my skills to the next level. I couldn't keep up with them when school projects started hitting so i left.

WAR play duration: I've been on WAR for about 1.5 months and playtime on my main is 11 days according to the tome.

Any Clandestine member reference: I have been doing some keep sieges with Clandestine but it was mostly across the whole of Order so we didn't interact much.

Why Clandestine: I currently belong to Sun Tzu but and I usually am on during the night. School usually ends at 6pm so when i get on its about 8pm. The guild is pretty inactive in the night and its really depressing to log on and be the only person online. It has been really hard to progress in the game because end-game is alot about group-work. I see quite alot of Clandestine online in the night and I often see you guys doing PvE raiding as well. I hope to be a part of you.

Very Happy Thanks,
Choez Chjunoez


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Re: Application - Choez [Cancelled]

Post  Warpik on Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:28 am

Good day Choez,

I apologize for the late reply for I seldom check the forums during know, more time spend in game. Rolling Eyes

In any case, your application looks solid and its hard to find an engineer these days.

However do understand that currently we lack of tanks to form up a 3rd group for instances, therefore everyone especially DPS careers are actually waiting in line to get into runs. If you are still interested, I do hope you can be patient with us and wait till the time comes for us to swap you in and do instance runs.

Aside from PVE, we do a lot of PVP especially in scenarios. Majority of our guys enjoy PVP a lot.

Btw, where you from? Surprised

If you agree to the terms above, look me or Aphraxad up and we will get you in guild.


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