Application: Royale 35/32 White Lion [Recruited]

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Application: Royale 35/32 White Lion [Recruited]

Post  Royale` on Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:21 pm

• IGN (In Game Name): Royale

• Career: White Lion

• Rank and Renown: 35/32

• Your goal and focus on WAR: To become high RR 70++, to have a good team to run with and to have friends to run PvE encounters with for gear.

• Past Gaming Reference: Mostly DAoC for about 4 years, a couple RR6's there, WoW a bit (played at launch to 60 then stopped a couple months after), CoV, Tabula Rasa, Flyff, Atlantica overall been playing games online since I was 16 (I'm now 24)

• WAR play duration: Played since Closed Beta, played with Downside on Darklands, was lvl 30 then they moved to Ironclaw, I moved too and got to 35 then they suddenly all vanished, so I took a break as I had played quite hardcore and to have the guild ditch like that was disheartening, but I'm back now for good, already have a 6 month subscription paid.

• Any Clandestine member reference: Heartofwar/Divineweapon were in my guild Downside, and I also played a few scenarios with Prox/Benbaa etc last night but I mainly just ran the salvage part, lol.

• Why Clandestine: Well a few reasons, the guild has high RR players so obviously there is some good and active players to RvR with, which is a big +. Clandestine is also part of the best alliance to be in for active RvR. Also from what Heartofwar tells me there's lots of PvE too which is good. I am GMT +9.5 so I am a bit closer to your playtime than most aussies, I also play during the day a lot, and often after work my night shifts finish at around 11pm which is 10pm your time. Also it seems Heartofwar/Divineweapon are enjoying your guild, and I know if they are enjoying it I would be too as we have the same goals.


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Re: Application: Royale 35/32 White Lion [Recruited]

Post  Warpik on Mon Nov 24, 2008 9:35 am

Good day Royale,

I believe I was in your group that day with Heartofwar. Cool

As for PVE content, do understand that currently we lack tanks to actually have a 3rd group running instances, therefore we are slowly swapping out with current 2 groups of members for instances depending on how fast we can gear everyone up.

If you have no problems with this, then should be all good.

We need more WL to play fetch in scenarios anyway. Wink

Do lookout for myself or Aphraxad and we will invite you to the guild whenever possible.

Glad to have you aboard. Cheers

Ironbreaker Warpik
KOTBS Farebanks

GM of Clandestine


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Re: Application: Royale 35/32 White Lion [Recruited]

Post  Niloc on Mon Nov 24, 2008 2:12 pm

YES a 2nd Whitelion!! Welcome aboard man!


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Re: Application: Royale 35/32 White Lion [Recruited]

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