Knights of the blazing sun application

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Knights of the blazing sun application

Post  xPrinc3x on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:14 pm

• IGN (In Game Name): Espyonage

• Career: Knights of the Blazing Sun (glory Spec)

• Rank and Renown: 23/19

• Goal and focus on WAR: Have fun have fun and mainly to do Keeps and Dungeons with pple i know. Focus ingame would be to turn the Knight into a potential main tank for keeps and dungeons.

• Past Gaming Reference: perfectworld, competitive counterstrike

• WAR play duration: flexible time but log in daily for sure

• Any Clandestine member reference: err, devilpig and the cyberdome pple?

• Why Clandestine: Friends who got me started are in Clandestine and there are alot of other nice locals that can play together with. Yup



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