Trithore app - lvl 35 Witch Hunter

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Trithore app - lvl 35 Witch Hunter

Post  Trithor on Sat Jan 31, 2009 8:36 am

• IGN (In Game Name): Trithore

• Career: Witch hunter

• Rank and Renown: 35/33

• Your goal and focus on WAR: Everything from RVR to PvE...would like to do a city siege one day

• Past Gaming Reference: WOW, Linage 2, PoTBS and tons of freebies just to name a few: 2moons, RF online, mabinogi, Shaiya, fly for fun, etc, etc.

• WAR play duration: have been playing since open beta...currently I am playing about 4 hrs a day at least

• Any Clandestine member reference: ummm not really...some may remember my pally from wow years back but I haven’t done much apart from pug Serpents passage grinding with clandestine.

• Why Clandestine: I’ve gathered you’re a relaxed bunch, you all seem to avoid the BS that other order guilds get involved in. You all appear like sensible and likeminded gamers and you still have an active member base.


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