Frnd of Tinoy and Markuz SM application [Recruited]

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Frnd of Tinoy and Markuz SM application [Recruited]

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:18 pm

In-game name:Inang
Toon rank and renown: Swordmaster Rank 30 RR: 27
State your goal/focus in WAR: RVR Sc, OPen RVR Keep Sieges and probably PVE PQs.
Reference on past gaming: Guildwars so basically I specialize in Team Oriented Battles, Battle Awareness and Formations. I was an Elementalist/Necro spam/debuffer and an Assasin/Ranger DPSer. Im pretty in new in Tanking in WAR so im basically DPS/Tank for now till I get to 40 where I'll see if I could manage to play all out Tank for you guys. Im also pretty good in skirmishing. Right now Im mastering breaking enemy lines using flank methods which really works in RVR Sc.
Why Clandestine: Ive seen u guys around and I'm pretty sure Ive bumped into you guys a few times in SCs. Also as Tinoy and MArkuz have said you guys are the only ones who play at our time which is like the graveyard shift. Sleep

Hope I belong to a guild finally.Thanks!


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